"How to Find a Deadbeat Dad: Collect Child Support & Alimony"
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Over the last several years, I have worked as an investigative reporter, and Skip Tracer/Investigator. I have tracked down hundreds of people across the United States and foreign countries for lawyers, financial institutions and individuals. I have also located hundres of thousands of dollars in assets!

In one ccase, I had only two pieces of information: a first name, and the name of a small town in New England where the subject grew up. I located her in a week; she was working in a town under a different name.

I have located subjects in South America, and funds in off-shore bank accounts.

In another case, my subject took off in a small boat on the Missouri River in the middle of winter. After not hearing from him for months, family, friends and creditors gave him up for dead. The "boat in the river" story turned out to be a clever hoax to avoid creditors. A few months after he "went down the river", I located "Boat Man" workin in sunny Arizona. A garnishment was issued to his employer.

As you begin your search, you must have a positive attitude:

Tell yourself every day: I will find him/her!

A few years ago, a woman and her three children lost their home and declared bankruptcy because her former husband was $100,000 behind in his child support payments. She knew her "EX" lived in a small town in the northeast with his mother. "Mother" was not only helping support her 44-year-old "Deadbeat" son, but was covering for him (would not tell anyone where he lived or worked) as well. Grandmother would rather see her three Grandchildren go without food and clothing (she had plenty of money) than to turn on her son.

Somehow this courageous mother survived.

Her 18-year-old son eventually went to the east coast, found his Dad, but refused to inform on his father. On a trip to Florida, he finally got tired of his drunken "Deadbeat Dad" and called his mother with location details. Within hours the "Deadbeat Dad" was arrested at his motel and jailed. He quickly came up with several thousand dollars in back child support, and has made monthly payments on time ever since. He did not want to go back to jail.


The information on my website can give you the tips necessary to help you track down your deadbeat ex-spouses. Don't give up - together, we can make it happen! Check out the topics page to see what the information covers.

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